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The Web's Most Informative Site For Research Of Pool And Spa Cleaners

PoolDr.com is so much more than a site which sells the most diverse line of swimming pool and spa cleaners on the planet, our goal is to provide you with enough information is helping you make a decision is the purchase of a pool or spa cleaner.

Selling pool cleaners was actually our second decision. Our first was to publish a truly encyclopediatric site about the subject. Once we conducted extensive research and investigation, conducted dealer, distributor and customer surveys, and product testing, we only decided to offer consumers those pool cleaners we concluded were the very best for each and every water application.

No Pressure Or Suction Side Cleaners On This Site

You will notice we have no pressure or suction side cleaners on sale. The reason is simple ... we do not believe that these ancient pool cleaner technologies work. They are inefficient, inspection and maintenance intensive, energy wasting, time consuming to install, and simply a waste of time and money.

We Are An Authorized Dealer For The Pool Blaster Line

We feature Water Tech's two exciting lines, the Pool Blaster, Blue Robotic and lines .. A Cleaner For Every Pool and Budget.

PoolDr.com Is The Absolute One-Stop Shopping Place

Our highly-trained staff are among the country's top experts on pool cleaners, and can answer questions few other dealers can. With years and years of experience in the industry, this will be the first place to see these incredible products, always state-of-the-art, and always the cutting edge of pool cleaner technology. We also offer unique editions of the Pool Blaster, such as the Pool Blaster Max CG Gold Edition which is not available anywhere but here on PoolDr.com.

PoolDr.com is the absolute one-stop shopping place, in fact it is the ONLY place to buy numerous types of pool cleaners, Battery-Powered extended reach/ hand held (Pool Blasters) and The Ultimate robotics (Blue Pearl and Blue Diamonds).

Water Tech is a world leader in all phases of the pool industry, from research and design, manufacturing and sales and marketing. We are the only retailer that does extensive market research BEFORE we offer any product. We do not waste the consumers time with useless products!
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