Research Your Pool & Spa Cleaner

With so many choices and products to research it can be a little overwhelming.  We have some great research comparisons regarding what type of cleaners are available.

Why It Just Makes Sense To Buy A Blue Diamond
Why Blue Diamond's rule the robotic world.
Ten Reasons Why The Blue Diamond Is King of All Pool Cleaners
And Why is the Best Place To Buy One.
Comparison: Water Tech's Battery Powered Pool & Spa Cleaners
Detailed comparison of Water Tech's Pool Blaster line of pool and spa cleaners.

Comparison: Pool Blaster Max CG Gold to All Other Models
Breakdown of the Pool Blaster Max CG Gold compared to other types of pool cleaners on the market.

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Why The Blue Diamond's and Blue Pearl's Climbing Brushes Are Called "Super"
Think Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA)
Compare Our Battery-Powered Pool Blasters Common To All Pools Blasters
The Difference Between All Pool Blasters